Client Testimonials

We place enormous value on the opinions of our clients: they help us to grow and improve the quality of our service.

“I would not hesitate in recommending Spanish Specialist to anyone seeking Spanish translation services. They offer a knowledgeable, efficient, accurate and professional service which exceeded my expectations with their prompt, effective attention.”
R. Flanders – private client who was assisted in a Spanish inheritance matter

“I have known Amanda as a professional Spanish translator and friend for several years. I have been impressed by her administrative efficiency and empathic dealing with her clients. She is a highly skilled Spanish document translator and her experience of Spanish law affords her the ability to explain Spanish legal concepts in the context of English law . Her Spanish speaking ability is to a standard sufficiently high to enable her to act as a Court Interpreter .  I have no hesitation in recommending her translation service.”
Victor B. Welsh, Specialist Wills & Probate Solicitor and Notary Public at Victor Welsh Legal

“I have used the services of Spanish Specialist on several occasions to translate important contracts, business agreements and family law documents. These translations were absolutely necessary for me to be able to provide sound legal advice to my clients. The quality of work was exceptional and the translations were delivered within the deadline. I  would highly recommend the services of Spanish Specialist and will definitely use them again in the future.”
Eudald Melendres Antolin, Spanish Lawyer, Member of the SCAF (Catalan Society of Family Lawyers) and the Barcelona Bar Association

“As part of an ongoing project to publish a series of papers on EU Private International Rules by numerous Spanish academics,  we enlisted the services of Spanish Specialist. These papers had to be translated from Spanish into English in the vast majority of cases or revised and proofread where the authors had written directly in English. This task not only required an exceptional command of both languages, but also required a profound knowledge of the subject matter and terminology, which was extremely complex. Spanish Specialist produced translations of the highest quality, respecting the individual writing styles of each author and was available at  all times to clarify and resolve any linguistic, conceptual and stylistic issues with each individual author in order to produce the best possible end result. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Spanish Specialist for the quality of the service provided and the sensitivity and rigour which was shown throughout.”
Quim Forner Delaygua, Professor of Private International Law, University of Barcelona.