Doing Business

Whether you are looking to set up a new business in Spain or buy a property in a UK company name, you will need to apply for a CIF or Fiscal Identity Code in Spain and also provide the following information to the Spanish Tax Agency (Agencia tributaria) and your Spanish bank, all of which must be duly apostilled* and accompanied by an official translation into Spanish:

  1. Companies House documents: Certificate of Incorporation, Share Capital Certificate, Articles/Memorandum of Association, Company Directors/Persons with Significant Control, any certificates showing a change in trading/company name, any accompanying notarial certificates
  2. Certificate of Good Standing (in some cases)
  3. Company Accounts (in some cases)
  4. NIE number (ID number for Spanish non-residents). We can advise you how to obtain this and assist with filling in the application forms.

If you already trade in Spain or are in the process of striking a new business partnership, or if you have an ongoing dispute involving your business in Spain, you may need to have the following documents translated into Spanish or English:

  1. Licensing Agreement
  2. Franchise Agreement
  3. Distribution Agreement
  4. Loan Agreement
  5. Any other form of contract relating to your existing/potential business.

The Apostille of The Hague is necessary for all public/official documents created in the UK for use in Spain. We can advise you on how to obtain this.

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