Many people move to Spain for a wide variety of reasons, not least because of the sunny climate, beautiful coastline, mountainous landscapes, food and vibrant culture. Some relocate because of employment and some for medical reasons.

Here is some useful advice on the documents which you will be required to produce and translate if you move to Spain:

If you are retiring (and also moving to Spain permanently for other reasons):

  1. Medical history and any doctor's notes (to register at your local health centre, for private or state medical insurance and to take out a life insurance policy- particularly important if you have an existing condition which will require ongoing treatment and monitoring in Spain).
  2. Proof of pension entitlement (not obligatory, but recommended).
  3. No Claims Discount certificate (if you are insuring a car in Spain and wish to use any No Claims Discount from the UK).
  4. Car documents (if you wish to register a UK vehicle in Spain)

If you have found work or are seeking work:

  1. CV
  2. Employment references
  3. Official qualifications (degrees, NVQs, professional affiliations, etc.)
  4. Criminal Records Disclosure (DBS), which you will need if you work with the elderly, children or the public (education, public transport, healthcare).

If you need to enrol children in full-time education:

  1. Birth certificate (as proof of place and date of birth, and identity of parents)

All  non-Spanish nationals moving to Spain to live, work, study or buy property will need to apply for a non-resident's ID number or NIE. We can explain this process to you and assist with filling in the forms.

If, on the other hand, you are Spanish and are relocating to the UK to live and work, you will need to produce originals of the following Spanish documents accompanied by a translation into English:

  1. Títulos oficiales (licenciatura, máster, doctorado).
  2. Prueba de afiliación a asociaciones/colegios profesionales.
  3. Certificado de Antecedentes Penales (para determinados sectores).
  4. Currículo (se recomiende).

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