SPANISH SPECIALIST has over 20 years’ experience delivering quality translations and language solutions for private and corporate clients alike.

Our profound knowledge of the Spanish language and of the culture and institutions of the Spanish-speaking world are the foundation stone of our bespoke and highly specialised service, which combines translation with helpful advice.

We not only serve English-speaking clients with issues in Spain, but also have an established base of Spanish clients in the Legal, Academic and Tourism sectors who wish to reach a wider English-speaking 'audience' and forge  new  business partnerships.

Amanda Tozer heads the Spanish Specialist Team and oversees all work before it is delivered to our clients. She holds a BA Hons, MA and PhD in Spanish, and began her career as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant at the  University of Liverpool and later as a University Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University and the University of Exeter, teaching Business Spanish and Translating & Interpreting Techniques,  among other subjects. She then spent 15 years living and working in Spain in a range of industries and in the last 5 years she has devoted her time to the field of Spanish Law and has collaborated closely with the Honorary Spanish Consulate in Liverpool.

Spanish Bureaucracy

Spain and the majority of Spanish-speaking countries are notoriously bureaucratic and navigating your way through the lists of documents and procedures required to complete any given process can be a daunting task, not least because of the language barrier. This is where our language expertise and first-hand knowledge of Spanish-speaking institutions combine to provide you with no-nonsense advice in your own language and the language solutions you need to progress any given matter in Spain.

Whether you are buying or selling a house, accepting an inheritance, applying for a mortgage, surrendering a property to the bank, transferring an asset, getting married, moving abroad or requesting information from a public institution, registry or local authority, you will need to produce documents which will need to be translated. Failure to produce these translated documents and communicate information correctly can cause unnecessary delays and additional costs. This is where Spanish Specialist can assist.

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